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Handwoven, combed woollen rug

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Combed woollen rug (90 x 135cm)

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Irma and her daughter Paola live amongst the dusty sun-baked hills of the coastal mountains of Central Chile. The family's sheep thrive in this seemingly hostile land of pine and eucalyptus plantations, and provide the two women with ample supplies of soft fleece for their weaving.

These sumptuously thick, soft rugs use only the pure, natural colours of the fleece. The rugs are combed for extra softness, making them ideal for use by a bedside, or next to a favourite chair.

The two women first wash the fleece to remove dirt and impurities, then comb it in preparation for spinning on a drop spindle. The spindle, or huso, as it is known locally, is a simple home-made device of a narrow stick of wood, approximately 45cm in length, weighted at one end with a piece of clay or wood, onto which the yarn is spun. Once sufficient yarn has been prepared the women weave on simple floor-standing looms, made to their own specifications by a local metal fabricator. They prefer to work in the shade of their porch, where an assortment of animals (including the family's 'pet' chickens) seek shade from the searing mid-day sun.

In Chile, this style of weaving is more traditionally used for blankets – the weave is light and springy to the touch, and it is not uncommon to find three or even four of them piled high on a bed to keep out the chills of a cold Andean winter night.

Care Instructions:

100% sheep's wool
Handwash in cold water, mild soap, dry flat. Or dry clean.

 Please note: this item is individually handwoven, precise dimensions may vary slightly.
It is possible that you will encounter small pieces of twig or plant debris in the woven fibres of this rug – these will have remained tangled in the yarn during the preparation of the fleece, and are harmless reminders that this is not a factory – made item!.

Here at añañuca we are committed to supporting rural livelihoods. Weaving is a traditional skill in rural communities in Chile, handed down through the generations from Mapuche ancestors. Today, it enables women to contribute towards household incomes in this predominantly agricultural region. Your purchase will help to support this traditional way of life.

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