"Las Arañitas" Spinning Doll

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Handknitted doll with wooden drop spindle

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Hand-knitted, plant-dyed doll with drop spindle

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The island of Chiloé in Southern Chile is the largest island of a remote and rainswept archipelago formed where the Andes mountains plunge into the sea. The principal sources of income on the island are agriculture and fishing, complemented by the production of knitted and woven goods utilising the wool from the island's sheep.

By necessity, the 'chilote' people are resilient and resourceful, and in an attempt to alleviate poverty, a collective of 12 families have joined forces to recreate the traditional knitted dolls that islanders used to make for their children before imported goods became widely available.
Using age-old techniques handed down from generation to generation, wool spun by hand from the island's sheep is coloured using natural plant dyes extracted from the flowers, bark, roots and fruit that can be found on the island. Work is shared equally amongst the families, who then knit and give shape to the dolls, whose very colour and form reflect the subtle tones and gentle undulations of the landscape from which they were born.

The dolls take their name from the traditional name used for women who weave in Southern Chile. From the Spanish "arañas" meaning "spiders". 

The tiny wooden drop spindle has been carved from recycled "alerce" shingles, traditionally used to clad houses in the region. Alerce, or fitzroya cupressoides is an endangered native species which used to cover the mountainous slopes of Southern Chile. 

Height: 24cm


100% plant-dyed sheep's wool with wooden accessory
Filling: natural wool fibre.

Please note: this is not a toy

Here at añañuca we are committed to supporting rural livelihoods in Chile. Your purchase will help 'chilote' families to maintain their traditional way of life.

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