"Relmu" Homespun Pompom Yarn

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Handspun pompom yarn

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Knit, crochet or weave with them. Wear them as they are. Or use them to decorate your home. The only limit is your imagination with these cute pompoms, skilfully spun for us by a group of artisans from Central Chile.

The women work at home, producing woollen goods to supplement their family income. The pompoms are spun on a drop spindle and hand-dyed in small batches to create a kaleidoscope of colour.

This is a truly rustic yarn, so please expect some variations in thickness and colour. We believe this enhances the unique beauty and texture of this hand produced item.

Relmu means 'rainbow' in mapundungun, the language of the Mapuche

Weight: 75g

Meterage (approx): 25

Please note: these pompoms are not plant-dyed.

By purchasing this yarn you will be supporting rural women who work at home to supplement their family income by practising the traditional skills handed down through generations in Central and Southern Chile. 


Your lovely pompoms have been skilfully spun on a drop spindle by a talented group of women from the south of Chile. The pompoms have travelled a long way to be with you, so we want to make sure that they continue to give you years of pleasure.

Just like the women who spun them, they deserve to be treated gently and considerately.


DON'T PUT THEM IN THE WASHING MACHINE (how would you like it!), but handwash them carefully in lukewarm water and your gentlest soap. They don't like invigorating showers, but a relaxing, short soak. Then squeeze out the excess water gently (no wringing, please!) and roll in your favourite towel. When this is done, hang them to dry somewhere where you can admire them regularly. Do not torture them in a tumble dryer.


Just like people, sometimes your pompoms may get a bit flabby and in need of a tone up. If this happens, take a deep breath and remember the old adage: “ there is no gain without pain”...


To get them looking like new again, buy yourself a needle felting tool and stab the pompom gently but firmly around the flabby bits until it starts to take on a nice rounded shape again. Try not to stab yourself (trust me, it hurts!), and don't enjoy yourself too much! And remember, looking good often requires a little suffering, but they will thank you for it in the end when they are back in shape and looking like new...it beats taking them to the gym, and you get to learn a new skill to boot!

[NB. Needle felting tools are inexpensively available at any good wool shop. If you would like more guidance as to how to use them you will find plenty of instructions on the internet].

 Follow these simple instructions and your pompoms should stay looking good for as long as you enjoy owning them.

 Liz x

ps. if you have fun with your pompoms, why not share a picture with us on our ananuca Facebook page.

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