The Artisans

At añañuca we like to work directly with the artisans who supply us. We make regular trips to Chile, and visit as many of them as possible in their own homes, or, in the case of a group, we may meet with their chosen representative, whilst endeavouring to visit as many individuals as possible. We do not use agents or "middlemen".

Over the coming months we will be introducing you to some of the talented individuals with whom we have the privilege to work – each and every one of them is a highly skilled artisan who deserves recognition for the beautiful textiles that they craft for us.

Please watch this space....

Teresa Paola & Irma Ivonne Jorge and Patricia


Teresa Mansilla lives on a small island in Southern Chile, part of the Chiloé archipelago. She creates beautifully textured rugs and blankets on a traditional 'chilote' loom.

Paola & Irma

Irma and Paola are a mother and daughter team from the dusty coastal mountains of Central Chile. They weave the traditional combed blankets of the region, as well as a range of contemporary throws and shawls, on locally built two and four shaft floor looms.


Ivonne lives in a small village not far from Concepción in Central Chile. She makes all of our baskets for us.

Patricia & Jorge

Patricia, and her husband Jorge are part of a group of twelve families from the Island of Chiloé in Southern Chile who work together to create our range of traditional knitted dolls. Each family carries out a separate task; Patricia puts the finishing touches to the dolls by sewing their faces.

Aymara Weavers Jessica Mapuche Weavers Orietta 

Aymara Weavers

Our alpaca shawls and scarves are woven for us by women from an indigenous aymara association from the far north of Chile. The women work on orders at home and then meet once a week to weave, give each other support and to keep their traditions alive.


Jessica is one of a group of women from a small village in the Andean foothills of the Maule region of Central Chile. They weave distinctively striped heavy blankets and rugs on simple upright Mapuche style looms. They also spin us a range of vibrant plant-dyed yarns which are perfect for both warp and weft in weaving.

Mapuche Weavers

The women who spin our Mapu range of yarn have been working for many years under the guidance of an NGO in Chile's Araucanía region. They are being supported in their aim to become an autonomous, indigenous association able to develop and market their own woollen goods. These talented women also weave some of our Mapuche rugs


Orietta lives on the island of Chiloe. She spins our range of TrenTren yarn for us

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